by Cecilia Bjärgö

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Songs that are based on piano or organ....


released March 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Cecilia Bjärgö Sweden

Cecilia Bjärgö started out as a singer back in 2001 and has through the years been a part of the Eskilstuna based bands Arcana and Sophia. In 2014 Arcana changed setting and Cecilia then continued as one part of the Catalonian band Der Blaue Reiter. And since late 2013 she is making her own musical visions.

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Track Name: Only Invite The Rain

Like never before have I felt so cold
I have decided to leave it all
Benighted is my mind
And I will only invite the rain

Because there is no more room
In my desiccated soul
The thought of what could have been
I want to welcome the tears
But all I feel is emptiness

So I will only invite the rain
There’s nothing else I need
To relieve my dried eyes
No matter who will try to enter
I will shut all the doors
My silence is no one else’s but mine

Then I will only invite the rain
N othing can be heard from
My dehydrated mouth
I will only invite the rain
The cold and wind pained rain
I will only invite the rain
In my ever so thirsty life
Track Name: Your face before me
I have been for so long
Trying to paint your face before me
But for some reason
The structure disappears in an endless black

I try to picture your mouth
Those luscious lips of red
That used to move across my body
That tasted my skin so gentle

Your nose, that beautiful profile
That I watched while you were a sleep
How I used to move my finger over it
While closing my eyes, trying to memorize it for eternity

Those clear blue eyes
Your bottomless wells of sadness
That sometimes glimpsed with love
While looking at me close

How hard it is to paint your face
Even though it is clear in my memory
Could it be the carvings you made in me
That stays within and refuses, to appear
Track Name: Everyone
In all its charm I walk
Within its warmth I live
But I am scared of the changes
The rough and cold hard thoughts
And I must try to be strong

I thought that we were one
I hoped that all felt hope
But I can see the sorrow
And sad to say the grief
And I must try to be bright

We need to think about all
We need to think about everyone
We need to stop being egoistic
We cannot exclude even one
Track Name: Like Raindrops
© Cecilia Bjärgö
Track Name: In The Mist
IN THE MIST (20140731)

In the mist, amongst the red leaves falling
Step by step I take
Trying no to touch the life below
Wanting to spare what is not mine to take

In the mist, under the cold grey sky
A glimpse up above I cast
Trying to see what is beyond
Feeling a stone cumbering my chest

In the mist, through the golden bushes
A thought of sorrow I bestow
Of the grief of the world
and wonder how come not all feel the way I feel

In the mist, beside the rippling brook
Stone by stone I throw
Transforming my resignation in my force
Why do some not spare what is not theirs to take