Final Destination

by Final Destination

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released January 25, 2016

Music by Peter Bjärgö, lyrics
Vocals by Cecilia Bjärgö



all rights reserved


Cecilia Bjärgö Sweden

Cecilia Bjärgö started out as a singer back in 2001 and has through the years been a part of the Eskilstuna based bands Arcana and Sophia. In 2014 Arcana changed setting and Cecilia then continued as one part of the Catalonian band Der Blaue Reiter. And since late 2013 she is making her own musical visions.
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Track Name: Thousand Bruises
Another day, another night
Life goes on with no excuses
Another week, another month
Another year with a thousand bruises

A fast hand, with nails so sharp
Flying through the air
The sound of bone against my skin
Don't talk back, don't you dare

It's not my bones that you're breaking
It's not my heart that is aching
It's not my soul that you’re taking
It's the love that you're faking

You think of yourself as a higher being
That you are the God almighty
You think of me as a lower standard
Can there be anything worse?

What more is there to live for
Anxiety's running through my vein
The emptiness in my life
Filled with nothing but pain
Track Name: Safety Net
You are my safety net
If I ever feel like jumping you are there
Saying you'll catch me
You’re the keeper
Holding on to me in thick and thin

You give me life with the words of love
You give me the future with the words of faith

When ever you sink into your sea of sadness
I am there to pull you back up
Holding you hard
Giving you strength
Always reminding you that love will save us

I give you life with the words of love
I give you the future with the words of faith

If we both jump to fast
If we both sink to deep
We have to hold on to each other
We have our history, we have our love
And the future belongs to us
Track Name: Bridges
The final destination was further away than you ever could imagine
Hills to climb, valleys to pass
Several bridges needed to be crossed

||:There are bridges to pass:||

The path you chose was not what you ever could believe
The hills were not green, valleys not warm
The bridges higher than ever

You thought this was the only way to go
That your legs would manage, your mind as well
That those bridges could be passed

But you can never just chose one way to go
There are no hills easy to mount, no valleys accessible to reach
Those bridges will dissolve underneath your steps
Track Name: In Sorrow
I would open my eyes
Just to see you there
I would run into your arms
And bury my head in your chest

I would gladly sing for you
Express my love
I would happily dance for you
And embrace you in each turn

But I cannot see you
When I open my eyes
I cannot run to you
And my heart is buried within

I cannot get any sounds over my lips
My love is hidden deep within
My bones are filled with led
And I embrace myself in sorrow

I want to feel that joy
I want to feel that happiness
My heart is filled with longing
When I sit by your side

But six feet under
You are put to rest
I’m caressing the memory
Knowing that we will meet again
Track Name: Humankind continues to fail
Outside I can hear all your indignation
A flow of words, reverses and curses
I am like a shadow next to your presence
And one thing never ends, the desperation in your voice
humankind continues to fail

Outside I can see all your anger
A flow of furiousness, bitterness and virulence
The shadow is now darker than ever
And one thing never changes, the desperation in your voice
humankind continues to fail

Outside I can feel all your hopelessness
A flow of sighs, desperation and desolation
The shadow is cracking from head to toe
and once again, the desperation in your voice
humankind continues to fail