A Mix of Everything

by Cecilia Bjärgö



Songs that cannot be put in one genre... just a mix of everything


released September 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Cecilia Bjärgö Sweden

Cecilia Bjärgö started out as a singer back in 2001 and has through the years been a part of the Eskilstuna based bands Arcana and Sophia. In 2014 Arcana changed setting and Cecilia then continued as one part of the Catalonian band Der Blaue Reiter. And since late 2013 she is making her own musical visions.

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Track Name: Paint me a Monday
Paint me a Monday
With the colour blue, so true
Where the strokes of your brush
Quickly fills the frame
And then give a name
Of that profuse day, so thick and lush

Sing me a Tuesday
With words of pink and red
Where the sound of your tone
Softly satiates the air
Of harmony so fair
My ear is now your throne

Read me a Wednesday
With words of yellow delight
With slow and calmly speech
Flowing through the hall
I can hear its call
That day’s poem, please me teach

Dance me a Thursday
With soothing, luscious green
Where the step of your worthy grace
Barely touches the floor
My heart in pieces tore
Of that day’s beautiful embrace

Draw me a Friday
With purple creative mind
A portrait of a spirit, resilient
With eyes demure
With thoughts so pure
A face, so shiny, so brilliant

Play me a Saturday
With a gentle orange smile
That stimulates emotion
Cleansing my veins
Lifts of my chains
For this I give devotion

Demolish my Sunday
With a quiet empty black
The darkness evokes possibility
A longing for the next day
A mix of joy and dismay
Awakes for the future my fertility
Track Name: Vertigo
The red leaves on the ground, fills the path I walk
Solitude fills me, I can hear my own steps
Gently crushing what hides under my shoes
I see dried leaves and whitened frosty grass

I look up to the tree tops, high up above
A sadness appears, I can feel my head spin
Leaning my head towards an old oak tree
I smell dried leaves and resin in the bark

Even though my feet is on the ground, far beneath the tree tops
My minds plays tricks on me
Fooling me I’m falling
Vertigo, amongst dried leaves and golden trees

Beside me a moss covered stone
My hands caressing its surface, I feel my heart beat
Embracing my knees once I sat down
I can feel dried leaves and a cold hard wind

I cannot move, my body pinned to the ground
A melancholy grips my chest, I feel a need to cry
Then my eyes open, and even though my head whirls
I see dried leaves and the beautiful grace of autumn

Even though my feet is on the ground, far beneath the tree tops
My minds plays tricks on me
Fooling me I’m gonna fall
Vertigo, amongst dried leaves and golden trees
Track Name: The Drummer's Snare
The Drummer's Snare

From the horizon in the west
I can see the fire attack
The cold, misty morning
Is hard to bare

From the trenches I hear cries for help
I can feel the bullet fly
The cold, misty morning
It’s hard to inhale the air

From the rainy skies in the east
I can hear the soldiers march
In the cold, misty morning
I hear the roar “Vive le guerre”

From the snowy north
I can smell the blood from the dead
In the cold, misty morning I hear
The sound from the drummer’s snare

For years we have now lived
Like wolves searching for a prey
In the cold, misty morning
I read a silent prayer

I have forgotten the love ones at home
I cannot recall their faces
In the cold, misty morning
I realised, I have stopped to care